A guide on computer support services.

In this article I will go through some steps in what constitutes home computer repair, how to find quality home computer support and different home computer services that you can find online and through local businesses in your area.

What Is Home Computer Repair?

Home computer repair is conducted when issues are observed from your computer desktop, laptop or network.  There are a number of different home computer support services available.  Most of these home computer services will come to your home and fix the issue.

What Home Computer Services Are Provided?

The services that are provided by home computer support services vary but most will do the following:

  • Virus and Malware Removal. This normally involves the computer repair technician to install their own suite of virus and spyware removal tools to search and destroy any viruses and spyware that might be infecting your computer.  This is done on site.
  • Wired and Wireless Network Setup. This normally involves either running networking cable throughout the house to a main router and switch which will give the computer users on the network access to fast speeds or a mixture of wired and wireless networking so you can have the best of both worlds.
  • Hardware Upgrades. A technician will look at the computer system specs and will work out the best cause of action which will help speed up an ageing computer system.
  • Computer Tune-Up. This will involve removing dust from the computer system. Making sure internal components are seated correctly. Performing windows updates which will make your computer safer and more responsive. Driver updates which will make your system faster and may give you more features.

Were To Find Home Computer Support

The most obvious but not necessarily the best place to find home computer support is google.com. You will get a list of various business promising the earth but how do you know they are any good.  Social media like Facebook is a better place with many user groups being able to give feedback about the various home computer repair business in your area.

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