Home Computer Network
Home Computer Network

What Is Home Networking

Home networking means connecting a group of devices, for example, game system, PC and printers as well as mobile devices that connect to the internet and to each other. In two ways home networks connect. First one is a wired network, which connects devices like scanners and printers with cables. The second one is a wireless network, which connects devices such as e-readers and tablets without the need for a cable.

All home computer networks start with a network cable. Even if we plan on using all wireless clients, in most cases we will still require at least one cable to connect the broadband modem and the wireless router. Although Cable-less networks are very convenient, wired networks are faster than Wi-Fi in every other way. Cable networks are faster, provide a more reliable connection and are more secure as well set-up is easy and troubleshooting than wireless connections. If we’re sitting on the sofa with a laptop, or linking a Wi-Fi-only device, for example, an iPad, wired Ethernet is the better way to go. So we see that wired networking is an important thing.

Pros And Cons Of Wireless Networking

Many of us meet their needs with a mix of wired and wireless networking. For example, devices that stream movies help from the quicker and steadier wired connection. Devices like Tablets or laptops, however, advantage from the mobility available with a cable-less connection.
Both the wireless gateway 1 & wireless gateway 2 come with cable-less capability as well as four Ethernet ports allowing us to link devices without and with wire at the same time. There are some home networking terms.
Such as wireless network – It’s pretty convenient which is called Wi-Fi, modem – which device is connected router or computers to the internet via a wire, router – is a device that transmits a wireless signal as well as link devices to each other and Internet via the modem. Gateway device’s functions like router and modem, signal range – indicate an area which cable less wire devices can pick up the wireless signal and link to the wireless network.  Make sure you learn about home network security.
Sometimes lots of ports and cables required for cable network which can be a headache and also, difficult and expensive to set-up. As well, wireless network less secure than wired, the user can access the network from anywhere with any range. Equally information and bandwidth can sometimes be accessed.
So upgrade your home with a structured wire or wireless as your wish and enjoy your home networking. Cheers!

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