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Home Computers

Home Computers Are Your Friend

Computers are one of our best friends in the world. In this age of modern technology, we can’t think of any day without the touching the device. It has changed our lifestyle so much that we have made them a part and parcel of our life as well. Since the invention of computers, they have evolved and progressed through development and got the outlook they’re available today.  Today home computers are a main part of the household.

An Idea

The idea of computer came to reality in 1833. On that time, the entire computer was consisted of parts that could be the size of almirah. Not only that, calculating a single addition could take a while, and needed huge source of power supply to keep the machinery running. That was like a nothing but a fancy machine. Even a hard drive of just 1 MB would need a lorry to transport – simply, not tolerable.

Then, scientists continued developing the machine and could make it human operable and industrially affordable. Then, it was just used to do math, and still needed a big space to operate.

The first PC that was codenamed ENIAC, came out in 1946. It was smaller, smarter and its circuits and design was much more efficient than the old ones.

Since then, we have invented micro SD technology, advanced memory development, advanced CPU, etc. All these revolutionary changes have evolved the idea of a computer, and we have come to enjoy what we have today in our home.

What Makes Up A Home Computer

Home computers today come in different types – desktops, laptops, notebook etc. But all of them consist of basic structure. All of them takes human input, processes it through the CPU, and gives the output.

It’s pretty basic, right? The main core of a computer is its motherboard, where all the other hardware are attached and function. ROM, RAM, CPU, cooler, I/O jacks, etc. all are connected via the motherboard.

Nowadays, we not only use home computers just to do web surfing, we’ve seen extreme usages like gaming, graphics designing, etc. High performance games are running in different computers, all thanks to advanced CPU technology. Graphics cards come up with extra CPU that only works on graphics, making the general CPU work under less pressure. Graphics designing is another heavy work, and with the help of high capacity RAM and powerful CPU, they’re being done very easily. That’s why we’re enjoying cool movies.

Home computers are also a great part of our work. We can now complete office works, watch movies, listen to songs, etc. without any hard time. Above all, it’s a revolutionary tool to our everyday life.

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