//Why Popular Bitcoin Investor ‘Pomp’ Might Have Been Suspended From Twitter
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Why Popular Bitcoin Investor ‘Pomp’ Might Have Been Suspended From Twitter

Twitter has suspended the account of Bitcoin advocate Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano. The social networking site claims Pompliano violated one of its terms of service.
It’s not immediately clear which Twitter rule the co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital Assets and podcaster broke. However, some have linked a tweet that Pomp tagged US President Trump and presidential hopeful Mike Bloomberg in to the incident.
Did an Aggressive Bitcoin Pitch Get Pomp Booted from Twitter?
Despite the company’s CEO being smitten with Bitcoin, it seems no matter how cosy with the cryptocurrency you are, you’re not above Twitter’s terms of service. Users of the social network highlighted the absence of Anthony Pompliano from the platform earlier today. A visit to the avid Bitcoin proponent’s profile confirms the suspension.
The social network firm claims Pompliano violated one of its terms of service. Whilst its not immediately clear which rule he broke, multiple industry observers believe a tweet in which he tagged both President Trump and 2020 presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg is behind it.
Since Pompliano’s Twitter account is offline, NewsBTC cannot verify the Bitcoin proponent’s recent activity. However, it looks like someone with a now-suspended account did indeed tweet to the aforementioned politicians earlier today:

Calling Pompliano a “serial spammer”, one Twitter user claims the missing tweet was an effort by the podcaster to promote his show, Off The Chain, to Trump, Bloomberg, and as many of their followers as possible:

He’s a serial spammer pic.twitter.com/tmHmyLqyJE
— Ali (@sweetscience31) February 13, 2020

Lending further support to the idea that a tweet to Bloomberg and Trump landed Pomp in hot water with Twitter is fellow Morgan Creek Digital co-founder Jason Williams. Being closely connected to Pompliano, he seems to suggest it was more to do with Bloomberg than Trump.

Mike Bloomberg
— Jason A. Williams 🦍 (@JWilliamsFstmed) February 13, 2020

The crypto asset industry has greeted the news with both derision and sympathy. Amongst mixture of support and jeers for the Bitcoin advocate, some have questioned the cryptocurrency industry’s preference for Twitter over a “free speech platform”:

Anyone know the next version of Twitter, so #bitcoin twitter can start preparing our migration to a free speech platform? #libertarian #btc pic.twitter.com/jouWFLXWeK
— ₿ 𝐓𝐫𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐑𝐚𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐫 ⚡ (@TruthRaiderHQ) February 13, 2020

Great Minds Think Alike?
Before the suspension, one of Pompliano’s favourite style of tweets was to take a topical news item and compare it to Bitcoin. For example, if Coinbase unexpectedly went down, you could guarantee a “Coinbase is offline. Bitcoin never goes offline” tweet from Pomp.
Many of Pompliano’s followers were quick to subvert the format against its creator soon after his suspension. One of the first to the much coveted gag was Twitter user LilMoonLambo:

Pomp got suspended
Bitcoin never gets suspended. 🔥
— LilMoonLambo (@LilMoonLambo) February 13, 2020

Congrats to everyone making the same pomp joke #bitcoin
— degentrader69 (@degentrader69) February 13, 2020

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