//These 3 Technical Factors Suggest Ethereum Will Soon Jump Higher, Pass $300
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These 3 Technical Factors Suggest Ethereum Will Soon Jump Higher, Pass $300

Like most other cryptocurrencies, Ethereum hasn’t had the best past few days. The second-largest cryptocurrency fell off a cliff on Wednesday, plunging from a price just shy of $290 to a price as low as $245, per data from TradingView. ETH has since settled above $260, seemingly trying to establish some support before it decides where to go next.
According to a top analyst, Ethereum’s outlook for the next few days is currently leaning bullish. They pointed to a confluence of three technical factors to back this lofty sentiment.
Ethereum Is Printing a Flurry of Positive Signs
According to trader RookieXBT, Ethereum is printing three signs (on the six-hour chart) that it is about to surge higher, breaking past the pseudo-double top formation that formed just shy of $290 over the past three weeks:

ETH is currently printing an “ascending triangle structure,” marked by a number of tests of a horizontal resistance level and slowly-trending-higher prices. Ascending triangles most often break upwards.
The six-hour Relative Strength Index (RSI), a measure of the magnitude of price action, is creating a falling wedge structure. Falling wedges normally break upward.
There are hidden bullish divergences forming between the price of Bitcoin, which has been registering a series of higher lows, and the RSI, which continues to make lower lows. This suggests a breakout of the RSI wedge may come shortly, which should send Ethereum above the triangle that has constricted upward price action.

Bull thoughts on Ethereum:
– Price is printing an ascending triangle structure
– RSI creating a falling wedge structure
– Hidden Bullish Divergences as price makes higher lows, and RSI makes lower lows
An RSI breakout from wedge would be indicative.
🐂🐂🐂 pic.twitter.com/rmEluzJqHQ
— RookieXBT (@RookieXBT) February 22, 2020

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Long-Term Signs Bullish Too
That’s not all.
Per previous reports from NewsBTC, trader Alunaut recently noted that a monumental sign has been seen on the one-week chart of Ethereum: ETH recently crossed above and confirmed a close above the Ichimoku Cloud, boding extremely well for ETH’s bull case moving forward.

Ichimoku Cloud Bullish Crossover $ETH (2020) vs $BTC (2016) pic.twitter.com/bTyaKDT7ne
— Alunaut 🌎🚀🌘 (@onemanatatime) February 21, 2020

Indeed, when this was seen with Bitcoin in 2016, the cryptocurrency proceeded to rally by thousands of percent to $20,000 in the months that followed.
This historical precedent suggests Ethereum could do extremely well in the coming year or two years.
Not to mention, Ethereum’s one-month Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) has just recently flipped from a bear to bull trend for the first time in two years, for the first time since October 2017.
With the MACD being a momentum indicator that tracks an asset’s trends, the indicator saying a bull trend is forming on the one-month chart is extremely positive for Ethereum bulls.
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